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At Sugar Tree® Bakery, we handcraft gourmet Cake Truffles, Brownies and Short-breads.  Cake Truffles are our specialty and they are bigger and better than any ordinary cake pop.  We blend baked cake with frosting before rolling it in delicious toppings for a rich, decadent, truffle like consistency — individually sized desserts (2″, 3 oz each) for those who really want to indulge!  Our 6 flavors of Cake Truffles are distinguishable and amazing. Or you can choose from an assortment of sweet treats, including Natural Cookies and brownies that will please everyone. We ship all of our products in our custom packaging to ensure that they arrive looking beautiful and tasting amazing when they are delivered to your door.   Our fabulous desserts are unique and fun for ALL occasions:

  • Birthdays
  • Baby Showers
  • Weddings
  • Get Well Gifts
  • Sympathy Gifts
  • Dinner Parties
  • Office Functions
  • Corporate Gifts

PS: We ship all of our products anywhere in the U.S. in our custom and recyclable packaging so place an order today!

Mother’s Day Gifts

Show Mom how much you care by sending her our delicious Mother’s Day cake balls, desserts, and more.  Special pricing just for Mother’s Day!

On the Sugar Tree® Sweets Blog…

Mothers Day

If Mom is down the block or across the country The Sugar Tree will make the perfect gift to sweeten her day. We offer 12 enticing flavors of Cake Truffles in addition to if I do say so myself our incredible reformulated brownies. Wednesday May 8th is the last day to...

Happy Labor Day & Welcome to The Sugar Tree

HAPPY LABOR DAY!! In what has seemed an Eternity, The Sugar Tree is Open for Business. We have completed all the steps necessary to operate our online Bakery and are ready to deliver our Amazing Cake Truffles and Cookies . Cake Truffles are the Perfect Pastry for...

Greetings from the Gary and Ellyn

Greetings; Greetings to all our friends who follow Sugar Tree. I am Gary Somenek, along with my wife Ellyn we are the new owners of Sugar Tree. Ellyn and I appreciate the network of followers who have followed Sugar Tree and hope to have your continued support. I am a...

Everybody Loves Cookies!

Who doesn’t LOVE cookies? I have to say, next to cake, cookies are probably my favorite dessert. They’re wonderful because they come in so many different flavors and varieties. I mean, you can pretty much take any flavor combination you want, build it into a cookie...

Autumn Challah

opening   If your summer was anything like mine you’re asking yourself right now “Where did the summer go?!” How are we already coming up on the start of fall?! As much as I love the heat of summer, the barbeques with friends, fresh amazingly delicious fruits and...

Fresh Fresh food in Rome

We recently took a summer trip to Italy, visiting multiple cities and enjoying the difference in culture from city to city, which were only short trips apart. Of course, as a foodie, seeking out delicious and interesting food is always a top priority for me when I...

Surprise Mom with Cake Truffles for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming up and if you’re anything like me you rack your brain each year to come up with a thoughtful gift for your mother. I always want to send my mom a gift that will surprise her. Sure, flowers are nice, but boring. Everyone sends flowers for...

Celebrate Spring with Barbeques and Cake Truffles

Spring is here and we all are feeling the effect of the sun and warmth. People are getting out walking their dogs and walking themselves. I love this time of year! All winter I dream of sitting on my deck in the morning with a cup of coffee and a cake truffle or on a...

8 Reasons Why Cake Truffles are Better Than Cupcakes

Last summer we had a booth at several farmers markets in Denver where we were selling all our Cake Truffles. We were surprised at how many people asked, “Are they cupcakes?” or, “Are they raw?” At first we found it amusing, but we started to realize that people didn’t...

Introducing Sugar Tree Cake Truffles!

Introducing the Sugar Tree Cake Truffle! Although Sugar Tree Cake Truffles were launched in May of 2013 many people still do not know what a Cake Truffle is, and they are missing out! The first time I tasted a Cakeball was a couple of years ago in Chicago. I was there...

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