Triple choc cut

Last summer we had a booth at several farmers markets in Denver where we were selling all our Cake Truffles. We were surprised at how many people asked, “Are they cupcakes?” or, “Are they raw?” At first we found it amusing, but we started to realize that people didn’t really understand what our product IS.
So, this is how we make our Cake Truffles – we handcraft them by blending baked cake with frosting before rolling it into a ball. The combination of the baked cake and frosting makes for a very rich, moist and decadent consistency – like the center of a chocolate truffle. Next the balls are dipped in icing and rolled in gourmet toppings like toasted pecans or cookies n cream chunks.
Sugar Tree Cake Truffles are unique because they are meant to be eaten as a single serving dessert. Some people like to enjoy several in one sitting, but they are bigger than a cake pop or chocolate truffle. They weigh as much as a generous size cupcake, but because the cake has been blended and the air has been beaten out of the cake they are compact and wonderful.
Now that you have the idea let me tell you 8 reasons why Cake Truffles are better than cupcakes:

  1. Cake Truffles are moist and decadent, not dry and bland like cupcakes.
  2. Our flavors are distinct and fabulous. You know what flavor you’re eating when you bite into the Cake Truffle – with cupcakes you tend to get a “hint” of  flavor.
  3. Cake Truffles are leading a new trend in desserts – cupcakes are yesterday’s news.
  4. Cake Truffles are unique and have a beautiful presentation – cupcakes are boring and uninspiring.
  5. Cake Truffles are easy to eat – you don’t have to unhinge your jaw to get a bite of frosting and cake at the same time like when you eat a cupcake!
  6. Cake Truffles are gourmet and fancy – they will impress any guest, client or giftee.
  7. Our Cake Truffles can be shipped anywhere! Our custom packaging keeps them in perfect condition when you ship them to your favorite people.
  8. Cake Truffles are like nothing you’ve ever eaten!

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