Everybody Loves Cookies

Who doesn’t LOVE cookies? I have to say, next to cake, cookies are probably my favorite dessert. They’re wonderful because they come in so many different flavors and varieties. I mean, you can pretty much take any flavor combination you want, build it into a cookie and it will be delicious!

Cookies are great carriers for all kinds of ingredients – chocolate, nuts, candy, oats, fruit, you name it. There’s surely a cookie to satisfy every craving. You can even eliminate a little bit of guilt by eating something like an Oatmeal cookie with cranberries and white chocolate, right? Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are perfect for breakfast – you get your healthy oats, some caffeine and antioxidants in the chocolate and they are fantastic with coffee. Ok, maybe we can’t take it that far, but I can’t say that I don’t eat cookies for breakfast on occasion!

When it comes to cookies people typically have a preference on what texture they go for. Generally you’ll find cookies that are chewy, cakey, crunchy or crisp. I know if I have a choice I’ll always always grab the chewy cookie. My grandfather liked his cookies very crisp, almost burnt. Actually pretty much anything that could be “toasted” he liked it more on the “charred” side. So, when I was a kid I baked cookies at my grandparent’s house every time I went to visit and I always knew that I had to bake one tray at least 3-5 minutes longer than the rest just for grandpa. Since I like my cookies chewy, I tend to underbake them by a minute or so. I would bake grandpa’s tray longer, but it never failed that when I tried to pull them out of the oven he would say “Leave them in longer!” That’s why I say his tray baked 3-5 minutes longer, it might have been 10 minutes longer, but whatever it was it was way too long for my preference. To each his own!

Some of my best memories with my grandma are of baking cookies with her. We would debate over whether butter, shortening or a combination of both made a better cookie. Grandma always felt the combination was preferable, but my motto is “Butter is best!” Whatever type of cookie it is, chewy, crisp, made with shortening or butter, if it’s a fresh cookie it is bound to be delicious!

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