Oh my gelato!

Oh my gelato!

We recently took a summer trip to Italy, visiting multiple cities and enjoying the difference in culture from city to city, which were only short trips apart. Of course, as a foodie, seeking out delicious and interesting food is always a top priority for me when I travel. I find culture in the foods that are prepared like other find culture in the architecture, museums or art

We started our trip in Rome where we spent three days walking like crazy, seeing the sites, eating like crazy and drinking wine like crazy. It was wonderful! We were advised to skip the expensive bottles and order the house carafes of wine. This was a great tip as we swilled delicious wines for a great price!

Although I love pasta, I typically avoid it in my daily diet, but I figured with all the walking we were doing I could eat whatever I wanted! And as they say “when in Rome”, so I ate pasta every day. It was amazingly fresh, and I mean fresh like made that day fresh. We noticed that ALL of the food we ate was super fresh and full of flavor. Most dishes were prepared with just a handful of ingredients, simple and absolutely flavorful and delicious. We were amazed at how tasty everything was with just a few ingredients coming together.

So, we started asking our servers what it was about the food that made it taste so good. They all responded by telling us that the food is fresh, nothing is canned or frozen or laden with preservatives. One of our servers was from Florida and had been going to the University in Rome for two years. She said she eats pasta every day and hasn’t gained a pound. I think the lifestyle of walking, relaxing, and eating small portions of really fresh food allows you to eat just about whatever you want, so we did!

Gelato, oh gelato! The gelato shops are on every block. There are shops that sell only gelato, bakeries with gelato, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops all with gelato cases. The flavors were endless, ranging from simple vanilla, to fresh and bright fruit flavors, to rich and decadent caramels and chocolates oh my! You could order one flavor or multiple flavors piled on top of each other. It was rich, creamy, super flavorful, and big surprise – really fresh! We kept wondering how this could possibly be lighter than ice cream, as you hear advertised in America and the gelato shops in Rome. Healthy, lighter, whatever, it was delicious!

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