12 pack cake truffles shipped

Whether you’ve worked for a corporate company or a small business, if you’ve worked with vendors you have probably received gifts from your vendors. Vendors have budgets for corporate gifts. The intention of giving these gifts to their clients is to say “Hi! Remember me?! I really want you to use my product.” When I worked in the food industry, we frequently received corporate gifts. I can’t even count how many of those went in the trash because they were junk that was cluttering up my desk. Or those expensive Harry and David Pears or gift baskets, ugh! Who wants to get unripe pears, or dry, stale cookies.
The baskets would sit in our office waiting for the pears to ripen, and it never failed that they would go bad over a weekend when we weren’t there. I always try to be as eco responsible as possible and it really bothered me throwing away unusable gadgets or pears when I know that good money was spent on these gifts. And, in addition to the waste, I couldn’t tell you who sent those gifts to us! The point in corporate gifts is to remind your customer of you and your product. You aim for your clients to be grateful for the gift that you sent and to remember to call you when they need products or services like you sell. Assorted 12-pack Cake TrufflesForget Harry and David gift baskets, dry, waxy cakepops, or business card holders with your company name embossed on it, give your clients something that they’ll truly enjoy and remember – a box of Sugar Tree Cake Truffles. There’s no doubt, these Cake Truffles won’t go in the trash, they will go right into the mouths of your clients and they will be amazed! They’ll be asking for more, which means they’ll be buying your product from you to get it! Ordering is easy as pie, chose the item you like on the website – https://www.sugartreesweets.com/shop – add it to your cart and pay with your company credit card and we will do the rest! Your clients will be ecstatic and will be calling you the next day.

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