Greetings to all our friends who follow Sugar Tree. I am Gary Somenek, along with my wife Ellyn we are the new owners of Sugar Tree. Ellyn and I appreciate the network of followers who have followed Sugar Tree and hope to have your continued support. I am a baker, pastry chef and cake decorator having been one of the owners of Somenek Pastries of Niles Illinois. Somenek Pastries was in in business from 1979 until 2004. It was started by my father a European trained Baker and myself. My introduction to baking starting at age 10 helping my father cut cookies at his moonlighting job. I have been trained at the AIB ( American Institute of Baking) in Manhattan KS. as a CBT Certified Baking Technologist.

I have been in the sales side of the industry working for baking supply companies. The industry gets into your blood and I have been longing to get back in. Erin, the lovely founder of Sugar Tree has done all the heavy lifting in giving birth to Sugar Tree and has done a remarkable job. My wife Ellyn who is in the marketing and sales field is very supportive of this endeavor and is willing to support Sugar Tree with all her talents.

We are getting all our ducks in row securing licensing, inspections, insurance etc…. We hope to be up and running in two weeks and carry on the mission that Erin has started.That is all for now. We will keep you posted. Thanks for your continuing support of The Sugar Tree

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