Introducing the Sugar Tree Cake Truffle! Although Sugar Tree Cake Truffles were launched in May of 2013 many people still do not know what a Cake Truffle is, and they are missing out! The first time I tasted a Cakeball was a couple of years ago in Chicago. I was there on a business trip with Dawn Foods, the bakery company I worked for for 8 years, and we were taking a tour of several bakeries. I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten as much sugar in one day as we did that day. We toured cupcakes shops, market bakeries, bakeries focused on wedding cakes and a chocolate truffle shop.

By the afternoon our sugar highs had passed and we were in a slump as we walked into the last bakery tour. We sampled more items, including a gluten free brownie – and a few years ago this was on the cusp of the new Gluten Free trend. I know a lot of people think gluten free is a trend, but it is a necessity for many folks, which we will talk more about on another day. So, we were getting ready to head out and I spotted some interesting ball shaped cakes in the case. I thought they might be large donut holes or big truffles. I ordered one to try later.

Once my body could handle just a bit more sugar I took a bite of the Cakeball and my eyes rolled back with pure pleasure! I didn’t really know what I was eating, but I knew it was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. The moist, rich, decadent texture of the cake and frosting mixture on the inside combined with the crunchy toppings on the outside was heavenly. Being a lover of desserts and an avid baker (in addition to being a food scientist for a bakery company) I began working on formulating the most amazing Cakeball on Earth.

A year later Sugar Tree was launched! I realized that I needed a term that better described these indulgent treats and Cake Truffles seemed perfect. It lets you know you are eating cake while giving the impression that it is going to be rich, moist and decadent like a chocolate truffle.

Many of you may have tried a cake pop, and I need to clarify, our Cake Truffles are far superior to any cake pop you may have tasted. They are moist, not too dense, and rolled in delicious toppings – not the waxy coating that most cake pops are dipped in. They are also individual sized desserts so you get to indulge in more than one bite! I think everyone’s life will be better after tasting one (or more!) of our Cake Truffles.

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