Our Gluten Free Cake Balls are also Vegan!  We have thoughtfully created these little goodies without eggs or dairy to please those who have a dairy allergy or don’t eat animal products.

We understand that there are many of you out there that follow certain diets or avoid certain ingredients.  But this doesn’t mean that you don’t want to sit back and indulge in a delicious treat or two!  This is why we have thoughtfully created some our amazing products to satisfy those who follow a diet free of Eggs or Dairy.  Our Gluten Free Cake Balls are made with flax in place of egg and no dairy is added to the recipe.  These little goodies are just as amazing as our original Cake Balls, but without the dairy allergens. We handcraft them in 4 different flavors, including Vanilla Birthday Cake Triple Chocolate, Caramel Sea Salt and Lemon Coconut. Click on Flavors to see pictures of our Cake Truffles.  The texture is rich and decadent, but without the eggs or dairy.  So go ahead and indulge in decadence!

We’d love to offer a few more gourmet products so we are working on some delicious and crisp Shortbread Cookies in a variety of flavors.  These bites of heaven are rich and tender, but we are perfecting the recipes with healthy coconut oil instead of butter and of course no eggs are added!  You can feel like you’re being indulgent and healthy at the same time.  Order some of these goodies for yourself or surprise a friend who has a dairy allergen or doesn’t eat animal products by shipping a care package to them today!

All of our gourmet cake balls and cookies are packaged in our custom packaging that ensures a safe trip through the shipping process. Your products will arrive in great shape and will taste incredibly delicious!  We care about the environment so we had our custom trays and beautiful boxes designed to be 100% recyclable, so please take the time to recycle the packaging once you have indulged in our products.  We thank you and the Earth thanks you!